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Dr Tanya Lee | Dentist

Graduating in Queensland in 2010 as a general dentist, and then relocating to Melbourne, Dr Tanya Lee enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially being able to help people of all ages achieve not only healthy teeth but harmonious facial aesthetics.

She is fully trained in the area of facial cosmetics, offering Facial Rejuvenation treatments, which restores lost confidence in people with lines and wrinkles.
This includes anti-wrinkle injections which are designed to relax muscles therefore softening the appearance.

Tanya is also passionate about Invisalign which is an alternative to straightening teeth for anyone who does not want fixed braces.

Tanya has earned a reputation for her warm and caring approach with her patients, making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Tanya is available for appointments on Thursdays only, so best to book well in advance.

For all appointments, please call 03 9850 1933 or send us an email to admin@smilestyle.com.au